CaveofswordS is a U.S. based dubwave band. Centered around Sunyatta’s voice and lyrical themes; the music is a dark, densely layered and dreamy take on American pop. The heavy, propulsive beats provided by Zagk lock in with the overwhelming throb Eric provides with his alternatively machine like and organic bass playing. KVN rounds out the sound with guitar playing that could as easily be a mangled sample loop or dying synth pulse.

Their live show is marked by a constantly shifting barrage of meticulously curated imagery that is in turn stark, beautiful and mesmerizing. Enjoy Caveofswords' new record, Sigils, now available worldwide, released by Boxing clever records.


Upcoming shows



10/3 Grovefest at The Demo (StL) with Stella ( Evansville, IN),  Mariner

10/30 The Demo (StL) Sigils remix record GLiiSS release with Golden Curls, Hands and Feet, and Inko.

4/17/2016 Earthday in Forest Park details coming