2015 Was a Monster!

We took a break from playing shows for a few months but we're excited to get back to performing at the Farfetched annual party and record release, Prologue V on Jan 15th.

When we play the next shows you'll probably notice a change.

After touring/working with us for over a year, Zagk is no longer on drums. He will instead be focusing on his live engineering work and his recording studio here in STL. Thanks dude, good luck!

What have we been up to since we last took stage you ask?

Writing. A lot of writing. This time around the process has been way different than in the past though. Details will wait til after we are further along, but we have been spending a ton of time in the studio and it has been super fun and productive.

We did a site overhaul, as you can see.

And lastly, the label that we were signed to and that put out Sigils has turned to a fine powder and blown away. Which while kind of a bummer also means we're FREE agents again, a fact that we are super stoked about.

More than anything we're excited to get back to what we've done since the beginning; making music with people we love, playing shows all around the country and meeting all of you!

See you soon!